The Medljan Tourist Farm is run by the Kodarin family, who moved from the city to 
the village in the 1980s. Starting with the breeding of cows, Marko, as a teenager 
at the time, decided to change the farm to horse breeding farm and got educated
for a riding instructor. Today I take care of animals, horseback riding school, 
cross country riding and guided cycling trips in the hinterland of Slovenian Istria
and farm chores that I never run out of. As a local tourist guide, Marina, Marko's wife,
I welcome you with interesting information about the surroundings and typical Istrian 
dishes that taught me to cook the grandgrandmother, served with local wines and other 
home-made beverages. 
Grandgrandmother Justa, our receptionist, likes to chat with guests while knitting outside
the house. Our youngest, Tilen, Urška, Anja and Eva, will gladly present you the animals, 
trees and plants on our farm, typical of our Istria, and together with all of us, will try to
make you feel comfortable in our house. Welcome!


The human heart that is away from nature becomes hard.
Standing Bear